Lindsey’s Books

The Water Will Hold You: A Skeptic Learns to Pray (Harmony Books, 2007)

“reads like a well-written novel.  The characters, her family and friends, are as real as the people we all know and love.  If this book is an example of her writing skill, [Crittenden] has found success.”
Charleston Post & Courier

“…  exquisitely written memoir
–Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

“Honest, gutsy and written with a poet’s ear, this book of spiritual exploration is sure to resonate with readers of all religious persuasions.”
Sarasota Premier Magazine

“…by turns lyric, wise, dark, and cheerfully neurotic…. Crittenden’s prose is effortless and elegant, her sense of story engaging and true, and the people in her life delightfully drawn—especially her mercurial, tragic brother and her bright young nephew. Best of all is her voice: she attains just enough critical distance from her own good-girl neuroses to invite you to laugh at her and feel with her at the same time.”
— Image Update

“..this isn’t Lindsey Crittenden’s first book — but it’s certainly her debut in this form: a book-length spiritual memoir with the mysteriously uncomfortable ring of a real person sorting out the strands of memory, fear, desire, disappointment and transcendent hope… This doesn’t have a clear-cut evangelical ending waiting in the final chapter [or] list of 10 easy steps. And, in that honest approach to the subject lies the book’s real power.”

“This is a thinking person’s spiritual book: rich, gutsy, and writing with poetic grace… absolutely exquisite.”
–Rachel Howard, author of The Lost Night

The View From Below: Stories (Midlist Press, 1999)

“Intricately detailed West Coast settings and a supple range of characters…. Readers will appreciate the author’s dexterity with imperfect intimacies and untidy emotions.”
Publishers Weekly

“Crittenden’s style of writing, deep and penetrating, is honestly stark … but the protagonists’ revelations—or lack thereof—are what make these stories so poignantly appealing to all who are interested in contemporary human drama. This debut collection is likely to haunt readers’ thoughts for a long, long time.”

“Crittenden has an eye for what makes siblings one flesh and bone, for the pulse and rhythms that keep them together no matter what life has brought about to separate them.”

“Crittenden’s beautiful debut reminds us that lurking right beneath the implacable routines and best-laid plans of all of us are ghosts and stubborn memories, the dead and the longed-for. In the end, though, it is the heart’s best reasons that triumph. This reader rises at the end and goes forth with a wise bliss.”
— Katherine Vaz, author of Fado & Other Stories

“Here is a wonderfully lyric short story writer, who gives a new twist to the possibilities of the genre.”
— Alan Williamson, author of The Muse of Distance and
Westernness: A Meditation

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